The Blue Marble Company

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The Blue Marble Company was the copyright holder/production company for the kids television show The Big Blue Marble.

Logo (September 21, 1974-January 1, 1983)

Visuals: After the preview for the next Big Blue Marble episode, the screen transitions to a still space scene with a starry sky. In the upper right corner is the Earth, while on the lower left is "A PRODUCTION OF" in a gothic font. A tri-colored (red, blue, yellow) rainbow trails between the two, coming from upper left to lower right, with the name "THE BLUE MARBLE COMPANY" in ITC Avant Garde appearing inside of it in an arc formation. The font is plain except for the "M"'s and "A"'s being tilted, and the "T" and "H" of "THE" being "linked". The rainbow disappears leaving the name behind.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A whimsical synthesized fanfare that is synced with the rainbow's animation. The music actually begins as the "Next time" montage is ending.

Availability: It was seen on its namesake show, which has not rerun since 1983.

  • VHS prints of the show plastered the logo with either of Century III's "film restoration and digital mastering" cards (but retain the jingle).
  • It can be seen on Big Blue Marble episodes found in the Paley Center's library.
  • It appears on the CED release of Big Blue Marble, featuring "My Seventeenth Summer/Flying for Fun".

Legacy: This logo was considered one of the rarest logos on this wiki until its rediscovery in 2017 on an off-air recording.

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