Rigel Entertainment

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Rigel Entertainment was an American television production and distribution company that was established in 1992 by John F.S. Laing.

1st Logo (March 18, 1994-September 10, 2007)

Visuals: On a space background, a red meteor crosses the screen. Then we see metallic "RIGEL" word with a blue star behind "G". The star sparkles just after the meteor passes by.

Variant: Later TV movies have the logo still or in-credit.

Technique: Low-grade logo and effects suitable at least for the '90s.

Audio: Silence, or an eight note guitar tune composed by Christopher Franke.

Availability: Appeared on various movies and TV programs made by the company, like RoboCop (1994) and Universal Soldier parts 2 and 3 (TV movies made in 1998). Also appears on RoboCop: Prime Directives. It last appeared on Stuck.

2nd Logo (October 20, 2007-2011?)

Visuals: Light beams from the complicated surface full of repeating pattern - a four-point figure in a circle. After the screen zooms through the surface, we can see intensive bluish light spreading into four directions, but then it decreases to show white "RIGEL" and light blue "ENTERTAINMENT" below, while the light beams from "G". The logo slowly zooms out.

Variant: The closing version used in made-for-TV movies is still on a white background.

Technique: CGI by The Ether.

Audio: Simple tapping synth with crystal entries, ending with a single bell sound.

Availability: Seen on several arthouse movies like Heatstroke. The closing variant can be found on TV movies, such as The Good Witch.
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