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In 1987, Lorimar-Telepictures' television production companies split back in two companies and Lorimar Productions was reincorporated as Lorimar Television, but Lorimar-Telepictures remained as the name for their parent company. On January 12, 1989, Warner Communications (later "Time Warner" and "WarnerMedia", now "Warner Bros. Discovery") acquired Lorimar-Telepictures and both distribution arms were folded into Warner Bros. Television Distribution by forming "Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution". Lorimar continued producing the surviving TV shows until July 14, 1993, when it was folded into Warner Bros. Television, though the Lorimar name remained in use until that September; WBTV continued producing the remaining programs under its name.

1st Logo (March 9, 1988)

Visuals: On a white background, two logos fade in: the logo for Green/Epstein Productions (a giant green stylized "GE" with the company name underneath the "E") on top and the print logo for Lorimar Television (which is based off the next logo described below, with the byline "A LORIMAR TELEPICTURES COMPANY" below) on the bottom, with the words "in association with" also fading in between them.

Technique: Fading effects.

Audio: The closing theme of the movie.

Availability: Only seen on the original airing of the TV movie Shattered Innocence.

2nd Logo (October 3, 1988-September 1993)

Visuals: On a white marble background, wave ripples zoom out from the center. Afterwards, the word "LORIMAR" is written. The script is in black, and in a revised version of the design from the 1978 Lorimar logo. The letter "A" now has a standard line going through it and the "O" is no longer connected to the first "R". At about the same time the "A" in "LORIMAR" is finished, a shadowed red bar with the word "T E L E V I S I O N" in white etched on it rotates in below "LORIMAR", shining once it settles there. From 1991-1993, the Time Warner byline, in the same font used in the Warner Bros. logo, appears below the red bar.

Trivia: The logo was first created in 1987, as part of a planned rebranding that saw the design being used for Lorimar-Telepictures' various divisions; the red bar would have read either "TELEVISION", "MOTION PICTURES" (or "FILM ENTERTAINMENT"), "HOME VIDEO", "SYNDICATION", "INTERNATIONAL", or "RECORDS" depending on the unit. However, aside from this logo, the previous logo and a variant of the Home Video logo, they were never seen onscreen with the possible exception of trailers, due to L-T's financial issues at the time (they were already in the process of merging with Warner Communications when this logo premiered). The Lorimar Syndication variant was used in trade magazine ads.


  • 1991-August 8, 1992: "A TIME WARNER COMPANY"
  • September 1, 1992-July 15, 1993: "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY"


  • As with the 2nd logo, this comes with or without a registered trademark symbol "®" on the lower-right hand corner of the letter "R".
  • A warp-speed version exists.
  • A filmed version of this logo also exists, which is seen on most TV movies.
    • On the TV movie O Pioneers, after the Craig Anderson Productions logo, the "in association with" text from the previous logo is seen at the beginning of the animation of the logo.
  • On a few episodes of 3rd Degree, the logo is shortened with "LORIMAR" already in place and the "TELEVISION" bar rotating into place before the 1984 Warner Bros. Television logo appears.
  • On the TV movie There Was a Little Boy, "LORIMAR" is written at a much faster speed than usual and the logo also cuts to black before the red bar shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A futuristic whoosh, leading into a relaxing 6-note synth-horn theme. Composed by Mark Snow.

Audio Variants:

  • A warp-speed variant exists, ending with a different, higher note after the first three notes of the theme. This was heard on a few occasions like the Full House S2 episode "It's Not My Job", some 1988-1991 episodes of The Hogan Family and some S1 episodes of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.
  • On the Full House S2 episodes "Tanner vs. Gibbler" and "Working Mothers", the music is slightly recomposed with better enhancement.
  • One season 3 episode of Perfect Strangers has the 1986 Lorimar-Telepictures "Crashing Comets" jingle play over it, likely due to a plastering error.
  • On some shows such as Love Connection, Fun House, College Mad House, and 3rd Degree, as well as early season 1 episodes of Time Trax, the closing theme plays over this logo.
    • College Mad House has the theme and announcer Beau Weaver spoke, "College Mad House is a Stone Television production, in association with Lorimar Television, and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.".
    • 3rd Degree has the theme and the announcer (usually Bob Hilton, sometimes Don Morrow or Michael Hanks) spoke, "3rd Degree is a Kline and Friends Production, in association with Burt & Bert Productions and Lorimar Television, distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution." [here they used the standard 1984 Warner Bros. Television logo, instead of the 1984 Warner Bros. Television Distribution logo, commonly used on syndicated shows distributed by Warner Bros. Television of the time].
  • On the Full House S2 episode "Cutting It Close", the logo is silent.
  • Sometimes, Full House had Dave Coulier announce over the closing theme and the Lorimar Television jingle which would play over the Warner Bros. Television logo.
  • On the TV movie There Was a Little Boy, the whoosh from the logo theme is cut off.
  • On some recent PAL DVD releases of the original It mini-series, the high tone variant of the jingle from the 1994 WBTV logo plays over the logo, presumably due to a reverse plastering error.


  • The warp speed version was last seen on season 1 of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper on the former NickMom block on Nick Jr.
  • The standard version is intact on DVD releases of Full House (second and third seasons only) and was also shown on on Hallmark Channel reruns, but on MeTV and HBO Max, it is plastered with the 2003 WBTD logo.
    • It can also be seen on reruns of The Hogan Family on Antenna TV, the 7th season (1989-90) season of Love Connection on GSN (whenever they decide to re-air it), Step by Step when last seen on Hub Network, Dallas and Knots Landing last aired on the now-defunct SOAPnet, and the final two seasons of Falcon Crest, among others.
    • The Season 12, 13, and 14 DVD releases of Dallas also have this logo on almost every episode.
  • The last series that had this logo was Time Trax, which premiered on January 20, 1993 and ended on December 3, 1994.
  • The filmed variant of this logo was seen on old prints of TV movies from the era, such as the It mini-series (also intact on recent PAL DVD releases thereof), The Owl, and O Pioneers, respectively.
    • It is also intact on a couple of Season 14 episodes of Dallas on DVD.
  • It is also seen on S4-S6 episodes of Perfect Strangers, S4-S6 of The Hogan Family and on the final pre-FOX era episodes of Fun House and spin-off College Mad House.
  • The Lorimar Television logo with the "A TIME WARNER COMPANY" byline also plastered the 1978 Lorimar "Script" logo seen on S1 episodes of The Hogan Family (when it was originally titled Valerie at that time) and the 1986 Lorimar-Telepictures "Crashing Comets" logo on S2-S3 of The Hogan Family (when it was originally titled Valerie and Valerie's Family from fall 1986-88) on syndicated reruns and on certain other reruns, namely ABC Family reruns.
  • This has also popped up on some international reruns of the 3rd and 4th season of ALF as well as on the 1989-90 game show 3rd Degree with Bert Convy and on I'll Fly Away.
  • It is also intact at the end of Rudolph's Shiny New Year (1976) on the 2000 UK VHS release thereof from Warner Home Video, following the 2nd 1985 Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment and 1983 variant of the 1980 Telepictures Corporation logos.

3rd Logo (In-credit) (September 22, 1989-August 6, 1993)

Visuals: Over the ending credits of the show is the "LORIMAR" logo (in its 1978 design, but with the "A" having the line through it like in the 1988 design) with the word "T E L E V I S I O N" below. From 1991-1993, the Time Warner byline is seen below.


  • 1991-May 12, 1992: "A TIME WARNER COMPANY"
  • September 18, 1992-August 6, 1993: "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY"


  • The logo would appear in either yellow, yellow-orange, gold, or light blue.
  • The logo would appear centered in the screen or shifted down.
  • On the Family Matters episode "Fast Eddie Winslow", the logo fades out, leaving only the credits background, and a "in memoriam" card (for John Andrew Franklin, Jr.) fades in about a second later.

Technique: A still, chyroned graphic.

Audio: Most of the time, the logo is silent or has the closing theme play over, but in some cases (such as the fourth season of Full House on DVD), the previous logo's music plays. On syndication prints, an announcer (typically a cast member from the show) says: "(Show title) is a (show creator, usually Miller-Boyett) production in association with Lorimar Television, (on the Warner Bros. Television logo) and is distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution".

Audio Variant: On a few episodes from season 4 of the Full House DVD box set, the music from the 1988 Lorimar Television logo is heard after the theme song finishes, due to an audio error.


  • It first appeared on Family Matters, then appeared on seasons 4-6 of Full House, Going Places, Getting By, Scorch, later season 6 and beyond episodes of Perfect Strangers, and last appeared on the first 2 seasons of Step by Step.
  • It can be seen on reruns of Family Matters on BET and TBS, along with seasons 4 and 5 of Full House when it was aired on Hallmark Channel, and Step by Step when it was last aired on Hub Network (now Discovery Family).
  • The final two seasons of the original broadcasts and some reruns of Perfect Strangers from 1991-93 had this in-credit notice with their respective bylines of the time on their closing credits during that period as well.
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