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21 June 2024

     06:16  User:IDENTfan111‎‎ 3 changes history +120 [IDENTfan111‎ (3×)]
06:16 (cur | prev) +20 IDENTfan111 talk contribs (→‎Pages I made)
06:06 (cur | prev) +68 IDENTfan111 talk contribs (→‎Pages I made)
05:58 (cur | prev) +32 IDENTfan111 talk contribs (→‎Pages I made)
     06:16  AVID:1996/July diffhist +4 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
N    06:15  Nikita Movies diffhist +536 IDENTfan111 talk contribs (Created page with "{{PageCredits|compiled=IDENTfan111}} ===Logo (July 17, 1996)=== <gallery mode="packed" heights="200"> Nikita Movies (1991, Source - Jasa Baap Tashi Poore).png </gallery> '''Visuals:''' Over a blue background, there is a Hindu god being lighten up. While it's being lightened up, the company name appears via shining below it. '''Technique:''' 2D cel animation. '''Audio:''' An unnamed lyra strum track '''Availability:''' Seen on ''Jasa Baap Tashi Poore''. Category:I...")
     06:13  Draft:Thirupathisamy Pictures‎‎ 2 changes history +267 [IDENTfan111‎ (2×)]
06:13 (cur | prev) +13 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
06:13 (cur | prev) +254 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
     06:06  AVID:1966/May diffhist +4 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
     06:06  AVID:1959/September diffhist +4 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
N    06:06  Dachang Film Co., Ltd. diffhist +500 IDENTfan111 talk contribs (Created page with "{{PageCredits|compiled=IDENTfan111}} ===Logo (May 4, 1966)=== <gallery mode="packed" heights="200"> Dachang Film Co., Ltd..PNG </gallery> '''Visuals:''' Over a black background, there is a statue of a person holding an object while raising the hands. The company name is shown at the front of it and later fades out. '''Technique:''' 2D cel animation. '''Audio:''' None. '''Availability:''' Seen on ''毒天使''. Category:Hong Kong [[Category:Hong Kong film logos]...")
N    06:05  Evergreen Motion Picture Company diffhist +536 IDENTfan111 talk contribs (Created page with "{{PageCredits|compiled=IDENTfan111}} ===Logo (September 12, 1959)=== <gallery mode="packed" heights="200"> Evergreen Motion Picture Company.png </gallery> '''Visuals:''' Over a black background, there is a bonzai tree with a person holding a person below it. Above it is "永茂電影企業公司" in arched format and "出品" below the tree. '''Technique:''' Live action. '''Audio:''' None. '''Availability:''' Seen on ''琴姑(下集大結局)''. Category:Hong Kon...")
N    06:04  Forum:Send me a considered scary logo and I will tell you if I am scared of it or not‎‎ 3 changes history +611 [IDENTfan111‎; Kbcars123456‎ (2×)]
06:04 (cur | prev) +173 Kbcars123456 talk contribs
06:00 (cur | prev) +196 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
05:48 (cur | prev) +242 Kbcars123456 talk contribs (Created page with "{{Forumheader|General Discussion}} {{Forumpost |text=There are many logos that are know to be scary, so send me one and see if I am scared of it or not. |username=Kbcars123456 |rank={{subst:#ifingroup:bureaucrat|Bureaucrat| }}{{subst:#ifingroup:sysop|{{subst:#ifingroup:bureaucrat| |Administrator}}| }} {{subst:#ifingroup:moderator|Moderator}} |timestamp={{subst:CURRENTDAY}} {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}} }} {{Forumcat|General Discussion}}")
N    05:57  Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.‎‎ 2 changes history +495 [IDENTfan111‎ (2×)]
05:57 (cur | prev) 0 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
05:57 (cur | prev) +495 IDENTfan111 talk contribs (Created page with "{{PageCredits|compiled=IDENTfan111}} ===Logo (June 11, 2010)=== <gallery mode="packed" heights="200"> Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. (2010).png </gallery> '''Visuals:''' Over a black background, there is a blue circle with a Kanji inside of it. The company name is at the left with the translation below it. '''Technique:''' A still digital graphic. '''Audio:''' None. '''Availability:''' Seen on ''Scabbard Samurai''. Category:Japan Category:Japanese film logos C...")
     05:57  AVID:2011/June diffhist +4 IDENTfan111 talk contribs
 m   05:19  Thunder Pictures diffhist +9 Rainbow Puppy talk contribs
     05:04  LVL 11 diffhist +3 NorthernPlaceAVID talk contribs (→‎Logo (May 6-September 15, 2014)) Tag: Visual edit
     05:01  Rovio Entertainment diffhist +2 NorthernPlaceAVID talk contribs (→‎2nd Logo (August 13, 2013-)) Tag: Visual edit
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