Rank Film Distributors of Italy

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Rank Film Distributors of Italy was the Italian arm of The Rank Organisation to distribute their films on the country. The company is notable for releasing the works of Walt Disney Productions from 1958 until 1968, when distribution of Disney titles was switched to DCI. A year later, Universal Pictures acquired the Italian theatrical distribution rights to Disney products.

Logo (March 28, 1947-1970s)

Visuals: Same as the 1944 Rank Organisation logo, but the text reads "la RANK FILM DISTRIBUTORS OF ITALY presenta".


  • In its early years, it would either say "J. ARTHUR RANK PRESENTA" or "J. ARTHUR RANK FILM DISTRIBUTORS PRESENTA."
  • A distribution variant exists, where much like its British counterpart, the text is on a draped curtain background. "la" and "presenta" are absent.

Technique: Mainly live action combined with cel animation.

Audio: The two "hits" of the gong.

Availability: Seen on Italian prints of Rank films and locally-produced ones such as Le notti bianche (1957). The distribution variant can be seen on The Great Spy Story (1964).

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