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The Biograph Company was a motion picture company founded on December 30, 1895 by William Kennedy Dickson after leaving Thomas Edison. The company is the first full-fledged film company in the United States and was one of the most active, producing thousands of short films over the course of two decades. Biograph was one of the most influential studios worldwide. In April 1931, the Biograph Company brand was absorbed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Logo (July 14, 1908-December 20, 1913)

Visuals: It is simply a merged "A" and "B" in a serif font inside a white circular outline against a black background.

Opening Titles: There is a drawing of a scroll with an eagle to the left. The film's title is on the scroll. Ornate plant motifs surround the drawing, and below is the text also surrounded by plant motifs:



  • The logo itself has alternate versions where it was drawn differently.
    • There exists one where the logo is a bit roughly drawn with the "B"'s lower bowl wider and the stroke thinner.
    • Another variant has the letters' crossbars more straight, the "B"'s upper bowl nearly the same width as the bottom one, and the logo now fits within the circle
  • On films distributed by the General Film Company, the text "GENERAL FILM SERVICE" is seen below the logo.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: None or the ending of the film.

Availability: Similar with other silent film companies, much of their catalogue has been destroyed. That, or the logo has been plastered by the Blackhawk Films logo, replaced with end markers, or simply end with a "The End" card. However, this can still be seen on many short films from this era such as The Lonedale Operator, My Baby, Enoch Arden, among others.

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