Fox World Productions

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Fox World Productions was an international production sub-division of Fox Television Studios (now "Fox 21 Television Studios", which would become "Touchstone Television", and then folded to "20th Television".) and a division of 20th Century Fox International Television created in fall of 2000 to make reality shows overseas. By 2014, Fox World was folded to Fox Television Studios, which by then had merged to Fox 21 Television Studios.

Logo (2001-2011)

Visuals: The screen zooms-out from a golden rotating model of Earth, to reveal it is the standard 1994 20th Century Fox logo except with "FOX WORLD" instead of "20th CENTURY FOX". The "O" is the golden model of Earth. The sky background is stretched horizontally. The byline, "A FOX TELEVISION STUDIOS COMPANY" fades-in when the logo forms.


  • A sped-up version exists.
  • Two shortened variants exist. In some cases, the logo begins by zooming out of the structure. In other cases, the camera is already in the finished spot, with the searchlights moving in the background.
  • On Le Cercle, the logo flashes in from the credits.
  • In Troca de Familia, an additional copyright stamp fades in during the zoom-out. This copyright stamp fades out before the byline fades in.
    • On Simple Life: Mudando de Vida, a copright stamp appears above the byline. A variant of this exists, where the logo has a bluish tint.
    • Another variant with a copyright stamp appears in A Bela e o Mestre, where the stamp is in a brown-ish color and is above the logo.
  • On Meu Odioso e Inacreditável Noivo, "UM FORMATO CRIADO POR FOX WORLD PRODUCTIONS" ("FORMAT CREATED BY FOX WORLD PRODUCTIONS") appears above the logo in white.
  • An in-credit version showing a screenshot of the logo exists.
    • On Pinoy Bingo Night, the logo is animated. Some episodes have the logo bylineless.
    • On The Murder Game, the print version of the logo is shown and also shares the screen with the 1997 BBC logo.
    • Another animated in-credit variant can be seen on Joe Millionaire UK.
    • On Unan1mous UK, the logo is bylineless and appears with the Fox Television Studios logo.
    • A tiny in-credit variant of the logo also appears in Dança no Gelo.
    • On Patinando por un Sueño, the logo appears on the bottom right corner, with a blue stripe coming from the left.
    • On the UK version of When Women Rule The World, the logo is still.
  • The placement of the byline could differ.
  • Sometimes, the widescreen variant is squished to fullscreen.

Technique: CGI animation by Flip Your Lid Animation, who also animated the 1994 standard logo.

Audio: Either the end of the show, the generic Fox theme, or the second half of the 1997 20th Century Fox fanfare, composed by David Newman.

Availability: Seen on multiple international formats that 20th Century Fox produced. This includes reality and gameshows.

  • The in-credit version can be found in The Murder Game (the British version of Murder in Small Town X), Die Spielarena (a German version of Face Off), Pinoy Bingo Night (the Philippines version of National Bingo Night), Britannia India's Child Geniuses and in the French TV movie Le Lion. The in-credit variant also appears on Dança no Gelo and Patinando por un Sueño (the Brazillian and Argentinian versions of Dancing on Ice).
  • Elsewhere, the logo has been spotted in Troca de Familia (the Brazilian version of Trading Spouses), the Finnish version of Joe Millionaire titled Miljonääri-Jussi, the French, Russian and Australian versions of Temptation Island and in the third season of Camp Orange titled Camp Orange: The Mystery of Spaghetti Creek.
  • The logo also appeared on the Russian and Portuguese versions of Beauty and The Geek, as well as the Portuguese version of My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and the Fox airings of Temptation Island season 3.
  • Shortened versions appear in the Australian series Love Bytes, the New Zealand version of Captive, Le Cercle (the French Canadian version of Face Off), Кто НЕ хочет стать миллионером? (the Russian adaptation of Unan1mous), at the end of the Russian version of Temptation Island, and the French Canadian and Serbian versions of The Simple Life, called La vie rurale and Jednostavan zivot respectively.
  • The sped-up version was spotted in L'Île de la tentation, the French version of Temptation Island. This was used in the show's 4th and 5th seasons.