Guillotine Films

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Guillotine Films is a horror movie company that puts out direct-to-video movies.

Logo (2000s)

Visuals: On a white background, a picture of a guillotine on a cloudy sky that appears to be jagged around the borders. The guillotine's blade shines as "GUILLOTINE FILMS" fades in below the picture in a pointy, Gothic font with the N's points extended out. The logo then uses a slanted rectangle shape to wipe the image off screen, representing the falling blade of the guillotine.

Technique: 2-D animation.

Trivia: The image of the guillotine is actually a model that was extracted from a copyrighted photograph taken by Jørn Fabricius, and was evidently used without his permission. The unedited, albeit watermarked image can be seen here.

Audio: The wood sliding and blood splattering sounds when the blade obscures the view.

Availability: It was known to be seen on a DVD copy of Driller Killer.

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