Chiller Films

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This was the independent film distribution division of the NBCUniversal-owned horror movie channel Chiller.

Logo (2011-2018)

Visuals: The sequence starts with a scene at a lake house. The sky is very cloudy, and there are hills in the background. There is a frame-by-frame zoom-in to the front of the house. The zoom-in is smoother once the camera pans through the door. The camera continues panning through the house until it reaches a broken window. Through the window is "chillerfilms", all in lowercase, acting as chimes outside of the window. "chill" is inside of a circle that composes part of the structure.

Variant: A longer variant has the scenery fading out at the end, leaving the 2D corporate logo on a black background.

Technique: CGI by Onesize. A CG test animatic can be found here (epilepsy warning).

Audio: An echoed scream sound effect mixed with an eerie drum and marble clicking sounds is heard throughout, along with a menacing note once the camera zooms through the door. This becomes an uprising string note that abruptly turns into chimes banging lightly, with some background music. This was done by Echolab. A silent variant also exists.

Availability: Seen on the movies released by the company.

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