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South Pacific Pictures is a New Zealand television production company founded in 1988 by John Barnett. Their flagship series is Shortland Street. Until 1998, their parent company was TVNZ. Starting 2003, they are owned by All3Media.

1st Logo (February 18, 1990-December 18, 1998)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a camera moving up from the bottom of the screen, emitting a ray of light. Along with it are two theater masks that revolve around the spotlight. They make their way to the center and the light shines on them, causing the masks to become illustrations of one another in a black box with two arcs on opposing corners of the box and the screen to become white. The text is seen beneath it in a black font reading:



  • Both short and still variants exist.
  • On Betty's Bunch, an IAW notice, alongside "PRODUCTION", replaces "LIMITED".
  • On Mrs. Piggle Wiggly, "PRESENTS" appears underneath the company name.
  • On some later programmes such as Tales of the South Seas, "LIMITED" is omitted.
  • An in-credit variant seen on early prints of Shortland Street contains the logo placed next to the 1988 or 1997 Grundy Television logos, as well as the words "Produced by South Pacific Pictures Limited in association with Grundy Television Pty Limited." on the bottom.
  • On The Rogue Stallion, it is like the above variant but superimposed in the end credits. Here, the white box is extended to include "in association with" above the logo and the text underneath the two masks read "SOUTH PACIFIC PICTURES NEW ZEALAND" in a different stacked format.
  • On The Boy From Andromeda, while paired with the Atlantis logo, "A" is placed above the logo while inside the white box.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: The ending theme of the program.


  • The short version was seen on Tales of the South Seas, Monkey House, Miss Piggle Wiggle, Clarence and other local series.
  • The long version was seen on the Alliance Atlantis prints of early episodes of the last season of Ray Bradbury's Theater, as well as Double Booking.
  • The remaining episodes have the action shortened in favor of the Bradshaw MacLeod & Associates logo following it.
  • It is also seen on the first seven seasons of Shortland Street.

2nd Logo (January 11, 1999-2011)

Visuals: A stylized blue star zooms on a marine background. The name "SOUTH PACIFIC PICTURES" fades in on the right side of the star. Below it, there is the slogan reading "turning dreams into drama".


  • An anamorphic widescreen variant exists.
  • On Being Eve, two in-credit disclaimers are added to the logo. The first of which reads "A South Pacific Pictures Production" while the second reads:
The characters, events, corporations and firms depicted
in this teleplay are fictious. Any similarity to actual
persons, either living or dead, or to actual corporations or
firms, is purely coincidental

After that is the copyright notice containing the company name.

  • On Maddigan's Quest, a print version of the logo is used, displaying the logo with a black outline, the starfish in purple, and the text in teal.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The opening/closing theme or none.

Availability: Seen on several TV series, such as Being Eve, but also on movies. Most notably seen on Sione's Wedding.

3rd Logo (2011-)

Visuals: On a black background with spotlights on it, three green stars pass by, rotating and sending shines. One of them circles back to the screen, creating the name "SOUTH PACIFIC" and the word "PICTURES" in small lettering setting above it. Then the star and the whole logo shines.


  • A still version of this logo exists.
  • Sometimes, it shares the screen with other logos.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The closing theme.

Availability: Seen on new episodes of Shortland Street and on their new shows they produced from this period onwards such as The Brokenwood Mysteries, 800 Words, Step Dave, The Sounds and Tatau.

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