British International Pictures

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Logo (October 1, 1927-1937)

Visuals: Over a cloudy sky background, the logo starts with our Earth spinning like the Universal logo. There is also a seated figure of "Britannia", with a ribbon under her that says "BRITISH INTERNATIONAL PICTURES". There is also a bow ribbon underneath that says "ELSTREE LONDON".

Variant: At the ending theme of the movie, "THE END" in an old Times New Roman font can be seen next to Britannia.

Technique: Live action.

Audio: None or the ending theme of the movie.

Availability: It was seen on BIP films from the period, such as The Ring and The Manxman, retained on a 2007 DVD distributed by Lionsgate. It's also seen on Atlantik and the original UK print of Piccadilly.

British International Pictures
Associated British Picture Corporation
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