Warner China Film HG

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Warner China Film HG was a production and distribution company that was a joint venture of Warner Bros. with state-owned China Film Group and Hengdian Group. Since then, TimeWarner (now Warner Bros. Discovery) has co-founded a new joint venture named Flagship Entertainment, a Hong Kong-based joint venture between TimeWarner and a China Media Capital-led consortium established in 2015 that includes TVB.

Logo (December 20, 2006-2010)

Visuals: There is the golden edge of the WB shield moving, similar to the 1998 Warner Bros. Pictures logo. We can see the transparent WB (without the banner), Hengdian Group and China Film logos floating inside. Then the shield rotates to its normal position in front of a black sky background with stars, with two arcs with glowing filmstrip sprockets, when it rotates, connected behind, and then it loses the sprockets when it's finished. The shield is blue with golden outline, no banner, it has two "arrows", filled and empty, inside it. Then the name comes below in Chinese, and the translation Warner China Film HG.

Trivia: The logo is a hybrid of the WB shield, the China Film arcs and the Hengdian Group triangles.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An oriental soundtrack with xylophone entries and drumbeats, loosely resembling "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca.

Availability: Can be seen on Connected and the American-Chinese co-production The Painted Veil (excluding the Blu-ray).

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