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Ident (5 September 2005-30 April 2010, 2018)

Visuals: On a table with paper and crayons scattered around, there is a large box with orange and blue sides. It opens up and the camera zooms in to reveal a pop-up scene with two paper cut-out animals, one orange adult and one blue child. Eventually, they come together in the middle of the screen, with "NICK" fading in on the orange animal, and "JR" fading in on the blue animal in the Nickelodeon corporate font of the era.


  • Frogs: Set in a pond with lily pads and reeds, a small blue frog hops into frame and croaks. It hops across more lily pads onto a much larger one, where an orange frog is sat. The blue frog hops next to it, and they both begin to croak as the "NICK JR" text fades in.
  • Cats: In a typical living room with a TV, an orange cat is sitting on a couch. It jumps onto the floor and sniffs at a food bowl, before a red yarn ball bounces into view in the background. The ball bounces around, leaving a trail of red string across the room. Eventually, a smaller blue cat is revealed from the yarn ball, coming to a stop next to the orange cat. The two nuzzle each other and open their mouths as the "NICK JR" text fades in. A short version of this ident was used as the overnight loop (see Availability).
  • Foxes: Set amongst a purple suburban area at night, an orange fox peeks out from a bush on the right, followed by a smaller blue fox appearing on the left. They play with each other, diving in and out of the bushes in a game of hide-and-seek. As more of the lights behind them are switched off, the orange fox appears from behind the fence and jumps over, hiding behind the lamppost and peeking out. The blue fox wags his tail and settles on the right, sitting down with his tail wrapped around his body, and the orange fox walks over and nuzzles the blue fox, sitting down as the "NICK JR" text appears.
  • Elephants: In a savanna with a large pond, an orange elephant walks in from the right, and a smaller blue elephant runs in from the right. The orange elephant inhales water through its trunk, and shoots it up into the air with a distinctive trumpet sound. The blue elephant copies but shoots the water at the orange elephant instead, before running around to be at the orange elephant's side. They both trumpet, and a heart appears from the blue elephant's trunk as the "NICK JR" text fades in.
  • Lions: The box opens to a night background where an a orange lion and blue lion cub are seen. The two lions roar, and then the text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Crocodiles: A box opens up to a jungle. An orange and blue crocodile pop up the water and then come out and then "NICK JR" text fades in as they nuzzle.
  • Fish: In a fishbowl, an orange fish and blue fish are seen swimming. The text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Octopi: The box opens to an ocean. An orange octopus with a blue octopus are seen. The text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Owls: On a tree an orange owl and blue owl with "NICK JR" come together. As it zooms out, various animals are seen as the box closes.
  • Toucans: As a box opens, a blue toucan and orange toucan are in a jungle. The text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Crabs: On a beach, an orange crab with a blue crab are seen walking to the ocean. the text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Butterflies: A box opens up to bushes, an orange and blue butterfly are seen. As they fly, flowers bloom. When they get to the bush, the "NICK JR" text fades in.
  • Pigs: In a pen, orange pig and a blue piglet are seen. The text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Squirrels: As the box opens, an orange and blue squirrels are seen on climbing on a tree and the text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Dogs: As a box opens, a blue puppy and orange dog are seen. The text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Goats: Set in a snowy mountain, an orange goat and blue goat are seen jumping. The text "NICK JR" fades in, as they go to the top.
  • Rabbits: The box opens up to a garden where an orange rabbit and blue rabbit come out. The text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Penguins: The box opens in the snow. An orange penguin slides and the blue penguin chick jumps. Then, they slide and the text "NICK JR" fades in.
  • Ladybugs: As a box opens up to bushes, an orange and blue ladybugs are seen. The text "NICK JR" fades in, but then fades out as they fly.
  • Monkeys: As a box opens, a blue monkey and orange monkey swing in a jungle. They swing to get bananas, and the text "NICK JR" fades in.

Technique: CGI created at Studio AKA. Directed by Mic Graves, animated using Softimage XSI.[1]

Audio: The sound of chimes can be heard when the box opens, and as the camera zooms in a jingle (which was Nick Jr.'s "Love to play!" jingle from 2004 to 2007) featuring various percussive instruments such as a xylophone and bongos can be heard.

Audio Variants: In the Christmas idents, an orchestral rendition of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" is heard instead.

Availability: These idents were seen on the UK channel for five years, the Cats ident being the last one broadcast in the early hours of 30 April 2010 due to its usage as a overnight loop.[2] Some of the idents were retained in on-demand prints of Nick Jr. shows until 2018, and various other idents are only available in partial form and are considered to be lost media. Home recordings should have those idents preserved, even those are aren't found online currently.


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