Digital Factory

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Digital Factory was created in 2000 by renowned French filmmaker Luc Besson. It handles post-production of EuropaCorp's films, as well as producing visual effects for other film companies.

Logo (March 29, 2000-)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the stacked words "DIGITAL FACTORY" rotating and zooming out. A flash occurs, which originates an expanding starfield and a golden oval with four curved lines (which sometimes appears to be more gold) zooms in to the screen, along with the text. The starfield disappears from view when the oval and text settle, and the oval spins for a few seconds.

Technique: All CGI, likely done in-house.

Audio: A whoosh, then a dramatic airy sound, followed by a beam sound during the flash, then a "thud" sound and finally an action-themed orchestra tune. Depending on the print, it may be higher or lower pitched.

Availability: It debuted on Taxi 2 (alongside a custom variant of the ARP Sélection logo) and appears on most EuropaCorp films like the Transporter films (though it doesn't appear on international releases of the first two films), usually appearing before EuropaCorp's logo.