20th Century Fox Telecommunications

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20th Century Fox Telecommunications was a short-lived television production company owned by 20th Century Fox, a division of News Corporation, now known as News Corp, Disney and Fox Corporation. The company only produced The Who Rocks America, a TV movie produced by The Who. This company does not appear in any shows made by 20th Century Fox Television and 20th Television, but it is shown it was defunct.

Logo (December 17, 1982-1983)

Visuals: The first element shown is the 1981 theatrical logo with a "Recorded in Dolby MP Surround Stereo" tag at the bottom-right corner, after 2 seconds, it zooms out, revealing the logo to be in a box with a white outline in a black background, underneath the box are "Distributed by 20th CENTURY FOX TELECOMMUNICATIONS" in the same Dom Casual font as the credits of the special, The Dolby tag fades out, a copyright stamp fades in and the logo becomes still for a few seconds, before slowly fading out.

Technique: Basic animating effects.

Audio: The closing theme of the special.

Availability: It's only seen on The Who Rocks America special.

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