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Starz Encore Entertainment was the film and documentary production division of the Starz Encore Media Group (Starz Encore Group starting in 2001). It was formed in 1999 when the Starz and Encore networks expanded their program offerings to include some original television series, and the Encore Media Group was renamed the Starz Encore Media Group following Liberty Media's acquisition of Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI)'s stake in the company due to the latter's merger with AT&T Corporation. In 2005, Starz Encore Entertainment was renamed Starz Originals.

Logo (September 10, 1999-2005)

Visuals: Several white streaks fly past a blue spotlight, eventually pooling together to form the outline of a filmstrip (which is actually the corporate logo for the Starz Encore Media Group from 1999 to 2001) that glows blue. The words "STARZ ENCORE" stretches in at the bottom, shining and giving off boxed blue rays, while "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in underneath.


  • Prior to 2002, the logo is still with the filmstrip glowing white.
  • On Loving Jezebel, the filmstrip lights blue.
  • On Skins, the logo is filmed.

Technique: None on the 1999 variant. CGI on the 2002 variant.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie or none. The 2002 version had zapping sounds with whooshes and dronings.

Availability: Appears on Relative Values, Skins, Loving Jezebel, Judy Berlin and some prints of Joe & Max. Also seen on the documentaries Sam Peckinpah: Legacy of an Hollywood Renegade, The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing, and Midnight Movies: From The Margin To The Mainstream.

Starz Encore Entertainment
Starz Originals
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