RSL Entertainment Corporation

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RSL Entertainment Corporation was a Canadian film and television production company founded in 1975 by producer Robert S. Lantos. It was later absorbed into Alliance Communications (now Corus Entertainment).

Logo (November 30, 1984-1986)

Visuals: Two silver arches are being drawn by light streaks on a black/blue gradient background (similar to the Alliance Entertainment/Releasing background). After they appear in place, "RSL" zooms in out of a flash explosion. The whole logo shines.

Variant: Sometimes, "ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION" is chyroned underneath. Also, there is a short variant where the logo just shines.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation

Audio: A distorted synth sound while the arches are being drawn, followed by a news-like repeating synth as RSL is revealed. For the short variant, the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on movies released by this company at the time, and on early episodes of Night Heat. It also appeared on a VHS of One Night Only, in addition to the Australian VHS release of Bedroom Eyes.

RSL Entertainment Corporation
Alliance Entertainment Corporation
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