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Monumental Pictures was a Russian motion picture company and a joint between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Russia-based Patton Media Group. It was formed on February 2, 2006 to produce and distribute movies in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Mongolia. The films in the venture are produced and distributed by Columbia Pictures. It was later closed in 2011.

1st Logo (April 5, 2007-2011)

Visuals: In darkness, the sequence starts in extreme close-up to the rocky construction, then the camera flies away. The construction is standing in the sea, under the stormy clouds. Suddenly, the door opens (like the Virtual Pictures logo) and the blue light appears from inside. Then "MONUMENTAL" rises below, with "PICTURES" under it, and the SPE byline in the Sony font.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An orchestral-like soundtrack accompanied by a sound of a film projector.

Availability: Seen on First Love: It's the Music, Lineman and V Ozhidanii Chuda.

2nd Logo (January 22, 2009-2011)

Visuals: The crystal construction is seen in the middle of the ocean. The camera starts with close-up, flies around and back, while the sun rises behind the construction (same as before) and clears the background. We can see "MONUMENTAL PICTURES" below. There is no Sony byline.

Variant: On The Best Movie 3-D, on a black-dark blue gradient background, the logo turns on in a neon-esque manner, with the shapes flickering before staying, and the text also appears. The music is also abridged, containing only the first three notes.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The low-pitched version of the first logo's soundtrack.

Audio Variant: In the Russian version of The Best Movie 2, Garik "Bulldog" Harlamov says the company name.

Availability: Can be found on The Best Movie 2.

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