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On October 9, 2007, NBCUniversal announced it would purchase Oxygen Media (owner of the Oh! Oxygen network) for $925 million; the sale was completed on November 20, and the network rebranded to simply Oxygen.

In April 2014, as part of a gradual re-focusing of NBCU's women's pay-TV networks by new division head Bonnie Hammer and the appointment of Frances Berwick as the head of Oxygen and sister network Bravo, Oxygen underwent a shift in its programming strategy to focus on a "modern", young female audience.

In February 2017, NBCUniversal confirmed plans to re-format the network with a focus on true crime programming aimed towards women, including a larger re-branding; the change took effect in May that year.

1st Logo (June 2008-October 2014)

Visuals: A yellow "O"-shaped ring zooms out on an off-white background and stops near the left of the screen, with "oxygen" appearing in the middle of it. Next to it is


"production" is below "inal", and the Oxygen logo serves as the "O" in "riginal". Some "dust" emerges from behind the logo as multiple colorful objects (pink florals, popcorn kernels that pop into popcorn, diamonds, "O"-shaped rings, etc.) fly around and move in various ways. An NBCUniversal byline appears below.


  • June 2008-January 27, 2011: "A Division of NBC Universal", set in Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended Medium.
  • January 28, 2011-October 2014: "A Division of NBCUniversal", set in Rock Serif, the corporate font of NBCUniversal.

Variant: Sometimes, no byline appears.

Technique: CGI by Troika Design Group.

Audio: An avant-garde-esque acapella tune with a woman saying "Woooo...", other women saying what sounds like "Hey! Hey! Hey!", squeaks and other random sounds.

Availability: Seen on original shows aired on Oxygen up until 2014. Was spotted on Snapped, The Glee Project and Bad Girls Club.

2nd Logo (October 2014-July 2017)

Visuals: A white bar appears on the left side of a blue background, followed by a magenta "o" on top of it and "xygen" next to the "o". "original" and "production" in a smaller size appear next to "oxygen" from magenta bars sliding in from the left. The NBCUniversal byline also appears off-center below.


  • On Last Squad Standing, the logo is set on a moving red-yellow-purple background.
  • On Battle of the Ex-Besties, the logo is set on a teal background with a man and woman at the left and the right, respectively.
  • On Three Days to Live, the logo is set on a blurred alley in the evening.
  • On Homicide for the Holidays, the logo is set on a nightly forest.

Technique: 2D computer animation, designed by Eloisa and animated at EyeballNYC.

Audio: A woman asks "Did you see that?" Then two women overlap the first woman's line with "I've never seen that, and I love this." Then the first woman says "Amazing!" while overlapping the second line after "I've never seen that."

Audio Variants:

  • On Three Days to Live, a mysterious beat is used.
  • On Homicide for the Holidays, a short haunted theme is used.

Availability: Seen on original shows aired on Oxygen from 2014 to 2017, including Snapped and Bad Girls Club.

3rd Logo (July 2017-)

Visuals: On a slowly rotating forest backdrop viewed from below, the current Oxygen logo (the network name stacked in two on off-center yellow bars, resembling police tape) scans in, while "ORIGINAL PRODUCTION", along with the NBCUniversal byline and a copyright notice (crediting Oxygen Media Productions), glitches in below.

Technique: 2D computer animation over live-action footage. This was designed by Trollbäck+Company.

Audio: A compressed hit with a hiss and a cut whirr. Composed by YouTooCanWoo.

Availability: Seen on original shows aired on Oxygen since 2017, including Snapped.

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Oxygen Original Production
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