Paperboy Productions

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This is Kenneth Biller's vanity card.

Logo (November 1, 2008-June 20, 2017)

Visuals: A rolled-up newspaper sitting on a porch and having the text "Paperboy Productions" in a New York Times-like typeface, zooms in slowly. There is a line on top and two lines underneath. On the left, there's the notice "29 August 2000" sandwiched in between the two lines.

Variant: Sometimes, the original date (29 August 2000) on the left is replaced by a different date (July 7, 2002) in the middle.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A bicycle bell ringing with birds chirping or the closing theme.

Availability: Seen on Legend of the Seeker, Perception, Legends and Genius: Einstein.

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