Vestron International Group

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By January 1988, Interaccess was rebranded as Vestron International Group.

Logo (1988?-1990?)

Visuals: Same as the 1986 Vestron Pictures logo, except "PICTURES" is replaced by "INTERNATIONAL GROUP".

Variant: Sometimes, "PRESENTS" in the same font used in the Vestron logo, appears below the logo.

Technique: Same as the 1986 Vestron Pictures logo.

Audio: Either silence or the opening music of the film. One trailer for Class of 1999 used the second half of the Vestron Television fanfare.

Availability: Seen on a trailer for Catchfire (aka Backtrack) that was found on a UK VHS of Presumed Innocent. Also seen on a trailer for Class of 1999, which can be found on the Lionsgate/Vestron Blu-Ray of said title. The "PRESENTS" version was seen on a German VHS as well as a UK Movie Mix airing of Farewell to the King.

Interaccess Film Distribution
Vestron International Group
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