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Samuel Goldwyn Television was the television production/distribution arm of The Samuel Goldwyn Company, established in 1979. When its parent company was sold to Metromedia in 1996 and merged with Orion Pictures and by MGM in 1997, it was folded into MGM Television the same year.

1st Logo (1982-May 11, 1996)

Visuals: Same as the Samuel Goldwyn "Signature" logo, but "SAMUEL GOLDWYN TELEVISION" flies in underneath the logo instead.


  • On earlier season 1 episodes of American Gladiators, it has the show's logo on top and below it says "HAS BEEN PRESENTED BY" with Samuel Goldwyn Jr.'s signature and line and below, and it is referred to as "THE SAMUEL GOLDWYN COMPANY".
  • On Gladiators 2000 and 1993-1996 seasons of American Gladiators, there is a variant that has the phrase "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" above the logo. The writing animation also has a slower/choppier effect to it, and like the above variant it is referred to as "THE SAMUEL GOLDWYN COMPANY".

Technique: Same as the Samuel Goldwyn Company logo. For the American Gladiators variant, none.

Audio: None or the end of the show's closing theme music.


  • This notably appeared on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Escape from the Bronx (Escape 2000) when the lead characters enter the theater.
  • This also appeared on 1980s syndication prints of the original Flipper (plastering over the MGM Television logo) and The Mothers-In-Law. However, on Me-TV reruns of the latter series, it's no longer seen on there.
  • The animated version appeared on Gladiators 2000.
  • This also appeared on an airing of Hans Christian Andersen on TNT in 1993.
  • The still version only appears on early S1 and 1993-1996 episodes of American Gladiators occasionally on Charge! and Pluto TV.
  • It also showed up on a Laserdisc release and a January 23, 1996 AMC airing of the 1941 movie Ball of Fire, which might have been an editing error.
  • Makes an appearance on the 1995 Pioneer Special Edition Laserdisc of The Hurricane proceeding the 1993-2005 HBO Home Video logo.
  • It may appear on older television prints of the first two Nightmare on Elm Street films and early Concorde Films features such as Deathstalker II.

2nd Logo (September 15, 1989-May 18, 1997)

Visuals: On a gray background is the text "SAMUEL GOLDWYN TELEVISION" zooming out from the bottom. Appearing from above is a clear glass square with the "Samuel Goldwyn" signature, in blue, writing itself in with a line underneath. The text places itself underneath the square.


  • Some syndicated shows would have the text "DISTRIBUTED BY" above the signature.
  • A sped-up version appeared in 1993.
  • On The New Adventures of Flipper episode "Treasure Hunt", the logo is shown in a blue tone.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The end title theme from any show.


  • This is seen on the original version of American Gladiators (and is retained on Charge! and Pluto TV prints), and Gladiators 2000.
  • The logo without "DISTRIBUTED BY" above was seen on the first two seasons of the 1995 series The New Adventures of Flipper.
  • This was also seen on the series GamePro TV.
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