Mind's Eye Entertainment

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Mind's Eye Entertainment is a Canadian independent production and distribution company based in Regina, Saskatchewan founded in 1986.

Logo (September 1, 1997-)

Visuals: There is an eye with a cloudy multicolored outline on a black background. The eye opens, revealing it to have a light blue iris. This eye then settles in a semicircle (of which is flesh tone to represent skin), and it zooms out a bit. As this is happening, "MIND'S EYE" and"ENTERTAINMENT"underneath slowly appears below the semicircle, and another smaller semicircle of the same color appears below all of this.


  • Early versions of the logo have it shown more closely where it is surrounded by aura in murky warm colors. The first and last letters of "MINDS EYE" are much larger than the rest and has a dot in between the letters.
  • On some films and TV shows, it has "PICTURES" instead of "ENTERTAINMENT".
  • There is a version that says "INTERNATIONAL" where the logo is in close-up form, the first and last letters of "MINDS EYE" are in equal size as the others, and the dot is omitted.
  • A shortened version where the formation is already completed is seen on TV shows.
  • On 2030 CE, "DISTRIBUTED INTERNATIONALLY BY" is shown above the international variant.

Technique: All of what is said above.

Audio: None or the ending theme.

Availability: Seen on the films The Unsaid, One Last Dance, Falling Angels, Intern Academy, Walled In, Grace, The Shortcut, Dolan's Cadillac, Ticket Out, Lullaby for Pi, Faces in the Crowd, The Tall Man, 13 Eerie, Stranded, Forsaken, and The Humanity Bureau as well as the shows Incredible Story Studio, Mentors, Prairie Berry Pie, MythQuest, Just Cause, 2030 CE, Prairie Grant: The Tommy Douglas Story, The Englishman's Boy, Hollywood: Saskatchewan, and Around the Next Bend. Also seen the 2009 VisionTV airings MythQuest logo was used while the 2001 PBS airings.

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