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Parafrance S.A. was a film company and cinema chain that was half-owned by Famous Players, which in turn was controlled by Paramount Pictures, hence the name. In 1985, Parafrance was sold to British financiers Anthony and Michael Stevens, and three years later was acquired by L'Oreal and became a unit of Paravision International (now Canal+).

Logo (1983-1986)

Visuals: On a black background, a group of 22 stars, similar to that of the Paramount logo, zoom in with a trail effect. A black cursive "P" with a blue glow, similar to the Paramount script appears and under it, "PARAFRANCE" zooms in with a trail as the stars shine 3 times.


  • Some films such as Gwendoline have the Parafrance logo in blue.
  • Some films such as have the Radio Monte-Carlo logo zoom in with the Parafrance logo.

Technique: Backlit cel animation.

Audio: A synthesized pad note followed by a bassline and a synthesized organ tune. All of them are played on probably Roland, Korg, and Prophet synths according to the logo's composer Alain Guelis. Sometimes, both variants are silent.

Availability: The regular logo can be seen on Gwendoline, and Wild and Pretty. The Radio Monte Carlo variant can be seen on films such as Passion and Coup de Torchon'.

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