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Pathé-America was an American subsidiary of the French studio Pathé. It was formed in 1960 and released 2 films in the United States before being sold to Astor Pictures Corporation in 1962.

Logo (June 6, 1961)

Visuals: On a 'stitched' background with red, blue, and white lights is the logo of Pathé-America reveal itself left to right. The logo in question contains a globe showing only North and South America in the middle, with "PATHE" and "AMERICA" on both sides, in italicized capital letters. The "é" in "Pathé" is connected to the globe, as is the first "A" in "AMERICA". In small text to the right of "AMERICA", it says "INC." Below the logo, the word "PRESENTS" wipes in from left to right as well.

Technique: The logo wiping in from left to right. [possible misuse]

Audio: The sound of a gong, reverbed to fit the length of the logo.

Availability: Only appeared on The Deadly Companions. This logo is preserved on prints of the film.
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