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Logo (2019, March 12, 2021-)

Visuals: It's exactly the same as the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo, except "INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS" replaces "HOME ENTERTAINMENT", and the animation is sped-up, similar to the prototype Sony Pictures Entertainment logo.


  • On Veneciafrenia, the logo is in black and white and plays at regular speed. Also, the 2021 Sony logo now transitions to this logo.
  • A short version exists, where the 2021 Sony Entertainment logo (the short trailer variant) transitions into the tail end of the logo with the light dying down as the text appears.
  • On trailers for Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan films, the logo is placed on the right alongside the Sony Entertainment logo.

Closing Variant: The print Sony Pictures logo with "INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS" below.

Technique: CGI animation by Brian Castleforte and Sean Koriakin for Imaginary Forces.

Audio: Same as the SPHE logo composed by Lee Sanders, but sometimes it is abridged.

Audio Variants:

  • The short version is completely silent.
  • On the 2024 Indian film Operation Valentine, the logo's music plays off-sync.


  • First seen on Guerra de Likes (War of Likes) on Amazon Prime Video, and later appeared on Veneciafrenia.
  • The short version was spotted on Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness and a trailer for Whisper of the Heart (2022).
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