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Trans Atlantic Pictures (later known as New World/Trans Atlantic Pictures and finally Trans Atlantic Entertainment) was founded by two partners who were previously heads of New World Pictures. In January 1990, Trans Atlantic bought the film and home video assets of New World Entertainment from Ronald O. Perelman. In 1996, Trans Atlantic was purchased by Lakeshore Entertainment.

Logo (1989-1996)

Visuals: There are 2 different versions:

  • Videotaped: On a black background, a gunmetal grey chevron flies down from the top of the screen. The chevron also has white streaks in it, as well as some light blue on the edges. A smaller chevron then flies down, followed by a small triangle, forming what appears to be a stacked down arrow. "TRANS ATLANTIC" in a powdered blue/white Art Deco font zooms in above the arrow, also in a 3-dimensional look. "ENTERTAINMENT" then wipes in below, fully in white and in the same style, but spaced out to fit the former word. A line of pings then wipe across the logo from left to right.
  • Filmed: On a black background, the arrow zooms out piece-by-piece, while cutouts of the pieces reveal part of the text while sliding downwards. The text inside also is in 2D and a powder blue color. After the arrow forms, the text fades in, first "TRANS ATLANTIC" and then "ENTERTAINMENT", in the same style as before, but the direction is pointing to the top left, and the text is shinier and colored powder blue while its darker on the bottom. The entire logo then shines twice.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth score with an announcer saying the company's name on the videotaped variant. The filmed variant has a different synth score with whooshes.

Audio Variant: On some older prints of New World Pictures films, this logo would sometimes be seen with the music for the 1984 New World Pictures logo.

Availability: Seen on some films from the company and may plaster over the New World Pictures logo in some cases.

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