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TeleVentures was originally a joint venture television distributor between Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Tri-Star Pictures, and Witt/Thomas Productions, that was started by Stephen J. Cannell in 1986. It was made part of Columbia Pictures Entertainment on December 21, 1987. On July 11, 1990, TeleVentures was sold to Cannell and was re-titled as "Cannell Distribution Co.". However, many of the series distributed by TeleVentures, i.e. My Two Dads, Werewolf, and Buck James, (TriStar), Mama's Boy (Witt/Thomas), and Hunter (Cannell), were passed on to Columbia Pictures Television Distribution (now "Sony Pictures Television").

1st Logo (September 20, 1987-1988)

Visuals: On a black background, two gold shapes (a tilted trapezoid and a "T") that come from the bottom left and right of the screen join in the center of the screen to form a "V" with the left side forming an "T", and "TELEVENTURES" wipes in under it. The "UR" is connected.

Technique: Simple analog computer effects.

Audio: A futuristic sci-fi "charge-up" sound with a gradual fade-out, which is actually a stock sound effect called "SPACE - FADE OUT, ELECTRONIC" by Sound Ideas, also used in Animator vs. Animation III and Mega Man X games starting with Mega Man X4.


  • Seen on early episodes of My Two Dads, as well as some TV movies from this company.
  • It's still intact on three episodes of My Two Dads on DVD by Shout! Factory under license by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and on Antenna TV.
  • This is also seen on late 1980s syndicated prints of the TV movie, More Wild Wild West, and is intact on the DVD release.
  • This was also spotted on a syndicated airing of the 1981 TV movie The Violation of Sarah McDavid, last seen on Encore True Stories.

2nd Logo (February 1, 1988-September 30, 1991)

Visuals: On a black background, there is the name "TELEVENTURES" in 2D in gold swinging down with a trail effect from the top to the bottom of the screen. Later, there is a 3D version of the TeleVentures logo fading in above the name with sparkle effects on the logo and name.

Technique: Analog computer effects.

Audio: Usually, it's silent. Other times, it has a 16-note flute synthesized theme with a drum beat and chimes at the end. A saxophone theme is said to exist, but no evidence has shown up.


  • Seen on Werewolf and later episodes of My Two Dads.
  • It was last seen on Werewolf on Chiller and is retained on the first two DVD releases of My Two Dads and on Antenna TV.
  • The silent version is intact on one episode of season 1 of My Two Dads on DVD.
  • The 16-note flute synthesized theme can be seen on season 3 of My Two Dads.
  • It also appeared on a syndicated print of a colorized version of the film Black Magic and a mid-2010s Chiller airing of Night of the Creeps.
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