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ITC Home Video was a short-lived home media division of the ITC Entertainment Group. In America, the company's releases were distributed by J2 Communications and, later, Live Entertainment.

Logo (1988-1996)

Visuals: On a black background, there are three gold interlocked ITC diamonds but with no letters in them, spinning around. They now appear to be made with a single "ribbon" of metal facing at an upwards angle, appearing that they overlap each other. As they spin around, the letters "ITC" slide out from the right of it one-by-one, and then shine as the diamonds stop spinning. "Home Video" then wipes in under "ITC" at the end.

Technique: CGI by Craig Clark.

Audio: A dramatic bass sounder, followed by a three-note synth tune that corresponds to the sliding out of the letters, a shimmering sound accompanying the letters shining, and two clang sounds marking the appearance of "Home Video". The music on this logo was done by John O'Kennedy.


  • Appears on VHS releases of The Last Unicorn, Return of the Pink Panther (1975), Whispers (1990 version from Live Home Video), and On Golden Pond (1981), among others.
  • It also appears on the 1989 J2 Communications/ITC Home Video Laserdisc release of On Golden Pond (1981).
  • It also appeared at the end of an unknown episode of Gideon's Way.
  • It also appears on UK VHS releases such as the 1994 UK VHS release of Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left - 2, among others.
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