Time-Life Films

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Time-Life Films was the film production and distribution arm of Time-Life and Time Inc.

1st Logo (1967-1972)

Visuals: Over a blue background, there is the 1961 Time Life print logo with the white text "FILMS" below. Above the logo, there is the white text "distributed by".


  • A black and white version exists.
    • There is another black and white version where the colors are inverted.

Technique: A still card produced on print.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on films from their catalogue such as Small Wilderness and Animal Communication. The inverted variant was seen on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung.

2nd Logo (1972-1978)

Visuals: Over a red or orange background, there are the stacked words "DISTRIBUTED BY", arranged to the right. To the right of the text, there is a black filmstrip, over which the the stacked name "TIME LIFE FILMS" is seen, with "TIME" and "LIFE" separated by a line. Below the name, there is a rainbow-colored camera shutter.

Technique: A still card produced on print.

Audio: None.

Availability: It was seen on some afterschool specials and episodes of NOVA distributed by this company, but most footage of these programs have been out of circulation for a long time.

3rd Logo (May 2, 1978?-1982)

Visuals: On a black background, a white, conjoined, slanted "TL" (with the "L" connected near the end of the "T") zooms into place onto a television-like box with a red screen in the center, forming trails of itself as it moves (a la the 1977 Filmways logo). Once it reaches the screen, it quickly flashes and merges with the box to form the logo. The text "A TIME-LIFE FILMS PRODUCTION" appears underneath the logo when it completes its formation.


  • On some movies, a copyright stamp is seen.
  • An in-credit variant of this logo exists.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen at the end of some Time-Life produced movies, most notably Fort Apache, the Bronx.

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