Columbia Pictures de México

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Columbia Pictures de México was a joint venture of Columbia Pictures Corporation with Cinematográfica Calderón. Their films are distributed by Calderón.

Logo (September 15, 1948)


  • Opening: There is the lady, this time standing on top of a pedestal with a backdrop of clouds over her, while she is holding her light torch. Much more refined, ethereal and goddess-like, her facial features became less pronounced and she looked away (up and to the right) instead of straight ahead. Her headdress was removed and her hair swept back instead of hanging by the sides of her face. The drape over her shoulder became less-obviously an American flag, the stars on the left shoulder having been toned down in a shadow, and the stripes visible only on the portion of the drape hanging down her right side. "A COLUMBIA PRODUCTION" was replaced with the tall chiseled letters of "COLUMBIA" (which fades in a second afterward) running straight across the top section of the screen, with the lady's torch glowing in front of the "U". A new form of animation was used on the logo as well, with a torch that radiates light instead of flickers. The word "PICTURES" fades in in the same time as "COLUMBIA". Under it, the word "presenta" in scripted font also appears.
  • Closing: There is the same lady, with the words "COLUMBIA PICTURES" under it in the same font, forming an arch. Over it, the words "Distribuído por" appears over it. The torch isn't shining this time.

Technique: A mix of moiré effects and editing. The Torch Lady and backdrop are a still painting.

Audio: The opening theme of the film.

Availability: Was spotted on Calderon's Revancha.

Legacy: This is a unique example of a company editing their logo for international markets, which Columbia did again for their Italian releases.

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