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In 1973, ABC formed ABC Pictures International as a production company for television and some theatrical films for ABC (although ABC Circle Films did handle the former use for the network), this followed up on suit from the depths of ABC Pictures Corporation, which closed in 1972 after failing to turn in any profits for ABC.

Logo (March 13, 1973-1984?)

Visuals: Its the same as the ABC Pictures Corporation logo, but with several key differences. The background is now a darker blue with zooming stars, the globe is more realistic and rotates faster, the "abc" letters form faster and at a slight delay of each other as well as spread out faster, as well as remaining white as "PICTURES INTERNATIONAL" appears below stacked. The globe also stops on the Americas before it fades to black. "PRESENTS" is also in a taller font.


  • On B&W movie re-releases, the logo appears in black and white.
  • An version without "PRESENTS" is known to exist.
  • On films from ABC Learning Resources, the logo is used for the first half of the logo, but with some modifications. "PICTURES INTERNATIONAL" does not appear on the ABC logo, and instead the full name "ABC PICTURES INTERNATIONAL" appears below, along with "A Subsidiary of the American Broadcasting Companies, Inc." appearing below it in a different font. The logo then freezes when the filmstrip fully appears, with a wireframe globe appearing over the Earth. It then zooms in, segueing into the second half of the logo.
    • On some prints of The Comeback Kid, a poorly-made recreation of the logo can be seen using the regular logo as a base. The blank ABC logo appears over the original logo, with a notable delay to its sliding, and the text appears over a chyroned blue rectangle. The logo also freezes at the near end.

Technique: Same as the ABC Pictures Corporation logo.

Audio: An excerpt of "Industrial Power", by Keith Mansfield (which consists of brass instruments and drums), being remixed/abridged on later releases. In some cases, none.


  • Can be seen on the Kino Lorber DVD and Blu-Ray releases of Midas Run, Jenny, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, the international theatrical version of Nightmare in Badham County, and the Magnetic Video Corporation VHS and Betamax releases of Straw Dogs, Take the Money and Run, Notorious, and various television movies aired on ABC, such as Love Among The Ruins, Griffin and Phoenix: A Love Story, and Kolchak: The Night Stalker among others.
  • It makes a surprise appearance on the trailers for The High Commissioner on the Kino Lorber Blu-Ray and Ben on the Scream Factory release.
  • The black and white version of the logo can be seen on the 1980 Magnetic Video VHS and Betamax prints of Notorious (an RKO Radio Picture that was produced under license from Selznick International Pictures that ABC acquired the rights to in 1965 when they purchased the Selznick library from the David O. Selznick estate), and for a more recent example, on the Mill Creek Entertainment DVD release of The Bat.
  • Strangely, some prints of the first season of The Littles used the recreated 2nd variant, as seen on a Junior DHX (Now named "WildBrain Kids") upload of the episode "The Little Winner" for a few frames at the start.
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