M6 Studio

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Logo (2011-)

Visuals: A series of multi-color flashes are seen forming the M6 logo, while the camera turns around. It zooms out, revealing the M6 logo standing on a roulette-like shape with the text "STUDIO" written on it.

Variant: An alternate version exists, which has the "6" in proper red, and the roulette shape is missing. The word "aime" fades in to the right instead.

Technique: CGI by Motionfanclub.

Audio: A celesta/woodwind/strings tune, blended with an electronic drum loop and whooshing sounds. Composed by Gregory Tanielian.

Availability: Seen on film releases from the company, such as Asterix: Mansion of the Gods, The Little Prince, The Wolf and the Lion and Irréductible. Most of the time, the logo is paired with the SND logo.

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