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In February 1996, after Chargeurs demerged their entertainment division under the Pathé name, the company began the process of retiring the Guild brand and renamed Guild Film Distribution as Guild Pathé Cinema shortly after.

In June 1997, when Pathé was granted a lottery to produce films in the UK, they announced that they would re-incorporate Guild Pathé Cinema under the Pathé Distribution name.

Logo (1996-1998)

Visuals: On a blue background is a white triangle with Pathé's rooster print logo on it. Then, the word "GUILD" in Century Gothic zooms in to the top of the triangle, and "PATHE CINEMA" fades in under the rooster.

Technique: 2D cel animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: This was relatively short-lived.

  • Can be seen on UK trailers for films distributed by them during this period, such as Terminal Rush, The Fifth Element and Swingers.
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