Dimension Pictures

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Dimension Pictures was a film studio that existed in the 1970s and primarily worked in the exploitation field. Dimension was founded in 1970 by Lawrence Woolner, an exhibitor who had made a number of films, including several with Roger Corman. He hired the husband-and-wife team of Stephanie Rothman and Charles S. Swartz to run the filmmaking division. Rothman and Swartz left in 1975 but the company continued until about 1980. Around the same time, 21st Century Distribution started re-issuing some of the company's films to select theatres.

Logo (March 21, 1972?-1980, July 21, 2007)

Visuals: On a black or blue (depending on film quality) background, there are the letters "DPi" (rather plopped on each other horizontally, in a font similar to the logo for Orbit Gum) zoom out to the center. The text:


fades in underneath.

Technique: Appears to be either analog computer graphics or motion-control.

Audio: Either silent or the opening soundtrack of the film. In some instances, a whimsical flute tune would be heard.

Availability: Can be seen on some of their films like Kingdom of the Spiders and Screams of a Winter Night. As a gag due to the film's grindhouse aesthetic, this appears on the 2007 film Death Proof, released by the unrelated company Dimension Films as part of the Grindhouse double feature.
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