New Century Telecommunications

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (1980s)

Visuals: On a space/star field background (very much like the ones in the FHE Sodapop and Kartes Video Communications logos), two long rainbow-colored beams shoot out towards the view and extend to the sides of the screen. As they roll, the planet Mars flies by, then planet Earth flies out and zooms in. Then, the beams suddenly disappear and the NCT Communications logo in white zooms up, a la the 1991 Turner Home Entertainment logo. The logo consists of a plain, 2D globe with all the landscapes outlined with the letters "NCT" in a futuristic font (with segments along the center) next to it and a bar reading "New Century Telecommunications" under the whole thing. A disclaimer appears below saying "A Division of New Century Productions N.Y., Ltd.".

Technique: Scanimate effects.

Audio: A dramatic Moog synth stinger with whooshing sounds.

Availability: Seen on a 1988 syndicated airing of The Ladykillers (1955). An ad in Broadcasting Magazine listed Hercules in New York as being syndicated by them, so this might have appeared on those prints as well.

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