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KiKi was a children's media label of Kinowelt Home Entertainment created in 2000.

Logo (2000-Early 2000s)

Visuals: It starts the same as the 3rd Kinowelt logo, but we see a saucer with a dog in it flying in and landing on Earth. The TV-faced robot already stands on the North Pole, catching the Kinowelt flagstaff and the disc right away. The saucer opens and the dog jumps out of it, then the robot throws the disc to him and he catches it in his mouth. He walks up to the robot and inserts the disc, to which the robot starts warbling a bit and its screen turns on. The camera zooms into the screen with the standard logo animation proceeding, after which it fades to the KiKi logo, which is a blue circle with the dog on it and the word "KiKi" with the dots in orange next to him.

Variant: An alternate version was used on VHS releases, which was similar in concept to its Kinowelt counterpart. The TV-faced robot is once again missing, and after the saucer lands on Earth and the dog jumps out of it, he just walks up to the North Pole. As the camera pans closer to him, the saucer disappears and the Earth changes to a blue circle, which shrinks to the dog. It then flashes to the KiKi logo (this time, the dog's left ear doesn't have white on it), which then fades to the Kinowelt logo.

Technique: Same as the Kinowelt logo.

Audio: It starts the same as the Kinowelt logo, except it changes to a piano synth tune instead of techno. The dog howling is heard at the end.

Availability: Seen on various children's programming on VHS and DVD.