Spartan Productions

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Logo (September 22, 1958-September 18, 1961)

Visuals: After the Official Films logo disappears, the paper airplane then "unfolds" by sliding to the left of the screen into a angled paper, and a strange hourglass-like design appears on it. The text "spartan productions" writes in via "beams" coming in at all angles, with the left tip of "spartan" touching the top of the hourglass design.


  • On Peter Gunn, the first-second animation from the Official Films logo is omitted.
  • On 1991 colorized prints of the former show, the paper is colored a off-yellow color. A copyright for International Creative Exchange also fades in below it in a computerized font.

Technique: Traditional cel animation.

Audio: The end theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on Mr. Lucky and Peter Gunn.

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