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Astrion was a British home video distributor founded in 1995 by Ivor Scholsberg and was acquired by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment in June 1998.

Logo (25 September 1995-1999)

Visuals: Over a starry dark blue space background, the logo starts with stars then one of them begins to move and reveals a blue diamond which it flies in from the distance in the top right corner of the screen, stopping on it's tip when it reaches the middle. Then as it appears the diamond flies around forwards top-first until it covers most of the screen then it turns on it's tip where it spins clockwise briefly before flying back to the middle of the screen. When it does so the 3D word "ASTRION" in Copperplate Gothic light flips in from the middle of the screen zooming out doing a backward somersault as it flies around the bottom of the screen placing it underneath where the blue diamond. As they both stop moving one at a time, the sparkle effect form a shiny star glows on the top of the diamond until it glows.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A low synth note, with a somber string theme playing over it.

Availability: VHS releases that have this logo include the Letterland series (such as the 1997 UK VHS release of The Letterland Story), Wizadora, and a handful of racing VHS releases such as Jeremy Clarkson's Motorsport Mayhem and it's sequel, More Motorcycle Mayhem along with tapes in the Murray series such as Magic Moments, Motorsport Spectacular and Formula One Celebration which it appears after the 1992 Vision Video Ltd. logo (which PolyGram acquired it in 1993) and followed by the 1997 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment logo.

  • It also appears on the 1997 UK VHS release of Bug Alert: Letters, Colours and Animals.
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