Guarascio/Port Productions

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This is the vanity card of David Guarascio (who would later form his own sole company, David Guarascio Productions) and Moses Port.

Logo (September 9, 2003-April 21, 2010)

Visuals: On a light navy blue background, two stickmen appear one-by-one; the left one wearing glasses. Then, these words, tilted to the left, appear in between the two figures:


One second later, each figure gains their mouth. The left person has a straight line for a mouth, and the right person has a curved line, a happy mouth.

Technique: 2D animation.


  • Four piano keys that play in sync with the animation, with the last one playing off-key.
  • The closing theme of the show or none.

Availability: Seen on Happy Family and Aliens in America. It was also seen on the failed pilots of Lies and the Wives We Tell Them To, the US version of The IT Crowd, Inseparable and Nathan vs. Nurture.

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