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Boundless was a brand name formed in January 1, 2012, when FremantleMedia split Talkback Thames into four companies. It was focused on factual series and programming. In 2020, Fremantle merged Boundless with Naked Television.

1st Logo (January 1, 2012-2018)

Visuals: A rectangular purple gradient box fades in, starting from its left side, and shining in the process. The name "BOUNDLESS" stands on its bottom, with the FremantleMedia UK byline below the box.


  • Sometimes, the logo is still.
  • Sometimes, the FremantleMedia UK byline is not shown.
  • Sometimes, the logo also shares the screen with other logos including the 1997 BBC and 2016 Channel 5 logos.
  • For shows that are produced in the West, the word "WEST" in Futura appears on top of "BOUNDLESS".

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The ending theme of the programme or none.

Availability: Appears on the second season of Four Rooms, Great British Railway Journeys, Escape to the Country, and other shows.

2nd Logo (October 1, 2018-2020)

Visuals: On a red background, there is the letter "B" with three splits on its left side wobble in from the left. A second later, the letters of "OUNDLESS" slide out of the "B" and the whole word zooms out. Sometimes, the Fremantle byline appears on the bottom of it.


  • A version where the logo is red on a black background exists.
  • Just like the first logo, this logo also sometimes shares the screen with other logos.
  • On shows produced by its West division, the word "WEST" appears underneath "BOUNDLESS", also in red.
  • A still version also exists.

Technique: 2D computer animation by Venturethree.

Audio: A reversed synth note with a "ding", the ending theme from any programme, or none.

Availability: Appears on later shows produced by Boundless until 2020.

Talkback Thames
Naked Television
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