Films Lions Gate Ciné-Maison

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Films Lions Gate Ciné-Maison was the Canadian-French division of Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

Logo (2000-2004?)

Visuals: Against a dark blue starfield background, several stars swirl around to form the lion logo from before, which zooms out. Some more stars that turn from white to gold zoom out and arrange themselves on the logo, and the words "FILMS LIONS GATE" (with "GATE" in Garamond) flash in at the top right of the lion. A burst of light wipes in a white line with the words "CINÉ-MAISON" underneath it. The words sparkle a bit.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic, ethereal synth theme coupled with whooshing and shining sounds. Composed by Robert J. Walsh. Sometimes, it uses the dramatic horn tune ending in an orchestral hit (ripped from Peter Siedlaczek's Orchestral Colors), followed by an ethereal synth tune from the Avalanche Home Entertainment logo.

Availability: It was mainly found on Canadian-French VHS's and DVD's from Lions Gate from this time period, like an Inspecteur Gadget VHS. It was also seen as a distribution logo of the Cinépix film L'homme ideal.

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