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Telepictures Distribution was founded in 1995 by Time Warner Entertainment (now Warner Bros. Discovery) as a spin-off of Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. Telepictures Distribution handled the syndication of smaller first-run series and reruns of older shows, as well as non-WB/Turner products. On November 26, 2003, Telepictures Distribution was folded into "Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution".

Logo (1996-2003)

Visuals: On a blue background, a glass-like ball passes across the middle and makes the text "Telepictures DISTRIBUTION", which is formatted in the same way as the text in the 1980 Telepictures logo (which is modified), with the word "Telepictures" in a gold font and the word "DISTRIBUTION" in a white Century Gothic font appear. While the ball is in front of the text, the parts reflected through it look as if they are being magnified. When the logo is finished, a flash of light appears in the center and spins upward to dot the "i" in "Telepictures". The entire logo then shines.

Variant: One version has the print logo with "distributed by" above it, the word "and" in the middle of the screen, and below that, the words "Time Publishing Ventures" written in the Time Magazine logo font, all against a blue background.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic uplifting orchestral piece with a chime-like sound at the end.

Audio Variants:

  • Sometimes, the end theme may also play over it.
  • A short version exists.
  • On syndicated prints of The Jamie Foxx Show, Jamie Foxx's closing jingle, "Electrifying (Baby, That's Real)" plays in the background throughout the entire four-way logo combo.
  • On the 1998 revival of Love Connection, John Cervenka says "Love Connection is a PEL Production, produced in association with Telepictures Productions and distributed by Telepictures Distribution."


  • It was seen on The Jamie Foxx Show on Centric (now BET Her) and currently appears on the season 3-6 DVD releases of Mama's Family; the latter also featured this logo in reruns before recent airings on CMT and Me-TV plastered over it with the sped-up version of the 2003 Warner Bros. Television Distribution logo.
  • It was also seen on the Night Court episode "The Former Harry Stone" on Starz Encore Classic (formerly Encore Love) and on Laff.
  • This was also last seen on GSN's reruns of pre-2003 episodes of Street Smarts.
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