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Communicado was one of the first independent companies to specialize in popular factual TV programming in New Zealand founded by Neil Roberts. Communicado's productions ranged across business and tourism videos, advertising, and a run of magazine programmes and TV documentaries. Some of the company's work - like the Roberts-narrated ANZ Magic Minutes spots - blurred traditional lines between advertising and journalism.

1st Logo (1990-2000)

Visuals: A sky blue background with green plants which later turn into silhouette and the word COMMUNICADO zooms out from one side to another and stops near the top and a spotlight passes it when the sky turns purple.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: Nightly music.

Availability: Seen on The Way We Were, Fred Hollows - One Man's Vision and many others.

2nd Logo (2000-2003)

Visuals: In a dark CGI studio there is a wooden floor and a box with a yellow ball with a red star on it, a cone and of course, a bouncing chair which turns over to have a teal oval with a man and a cone in it and the orange words "Communicado" on it facing near us. All of a sudden, a flash appears turning everything but the oval and words in black, which also shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Chair bouncing, guitar music and a flash followed by rock music.

Availability: Seen on The Big Art Trip, Havoc and many others.

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