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Affirm Films is a Christian film company formed in 2008 by Sony Pictures Entertainment under the Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions division. Prior to its launch, Sony released several inspirational films through different divisions, with their last non-Affirm Christian film being 2007's Facing the Giants, released by Destination Films.

1st Logo (September 26, 2008)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a wide white rectangle in the center. Inside it is the word "AFFIRM" in Folio Extra Bold with a blue sky with white clouds inside it. Next to it is "FILMS" in Times New Roman in black. Below is the byline "A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company" in the same color and font as "FILMS".

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: It was only seen on Fireproof.

2nd Logo (September 23, 2010-)

Visuals: There is the screen full of clouds, which then clear out to reveal the cloud background from the 1993 Columbia Pictures logo with the heavenly lights shining around it. Then the words "AFFIRM FILMS" in the same font as before and cut-out, zoom out leaving the background inside the text. As the logo settles, the logo changes into its same style from before, except it's in CGI and the lights fade out. The byline appears under "FILMS".


  • 2009-2014: "A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company"
  • 2014-: "a Sony Company" is centered underneath the logo.


  • On trailers for its releases, the logo is still.
  • Starting with All Saints in 2017, the 2014 Sony logo transitions to the zoom-out of the Affirm Films logo.
  • Starting with Big George Foreman, the 2021 Sony logo now transitions to this logo.

Technique: 2D computer animation by Kelly Carlton at Intralink Film Graphic Design.


  • 2009-2017: A peaceful guitar tune, composed by Jamie Anderson at J Trax Music.
  • 2017-: A majestic orchestral theme that starts over the Sony logo, composed by Jasha Klebe and Bruce & Billy Ray Fingers.

Availability: Appears on Affirm Films releases since 2009 such as The Grace Card, Faith Like Potatoes, Courageous, Risen and Big George Foreman. Despite this logo appearing on the trailers for The Star, it never appeared on the movie itself.

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