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Requests for Comment

Welcome to AVID's Requests for Comment page.


Requests for Comment (RfCs) are a way to gather community feedback and consensus on certain proposals, ideas, and issues which require the community's approval and assent in order to be applied.


  • RfCs should be opened about matters concerning the wiki as a whole, such as policy changes, enabling and disabling extensions, and features and ideas which would have significant effect on the wiki as a whole. Do not use this page to start discussions on page-specific matters, such as merges, splits, single category renames or deletions, except where a dispute pertaining to a single page is so significant that discussion on the article talk page has failed to effectively resolve it.
  • Once a proposal is created, it will automatically be added to the list of drafted proposals. When a proposal has been submitted for review, it will automatically move to the submitted requests list. Once approved by two staff members, it will be manually moved by a bureaucrat to the open list. Closed proposals will automatically be moved to the closed list.
  • If the drafted proposal has been rejected by two staff members and left with no revisions within the next seven days, it may be closed as failed.
  • Voters are given four options to submit their input or comments in the proposal: support, abstain, oppose, and comment. The latter is used to ask questions, provide new ideas to add onto the proposal, etc. Comments are not an alternative voting option. When writing your reasoning, please be sure to behave in a civil, courteous manner per user conduct guidelines.
  • Proposals, both drafted and open, are typically closed by a bureaucrat after seven days. However, an administrator, moderator or other suitable member of site staff may close it prematurely in the event that:
    • The proposal is invalid, and is in violation of the above guideline.
      • Additionally, if the proposal is a violation of site rules, the proposal will be deleted and administrative action may be taken against your account.
    • Another ongoing proposal has the same purpose as the one created.
    • The author has made a comment stating that they want to retract the ongoing proposal. Please note that you may not close your own proposal without administrative approval.
    • After two days, if there are 10 votes supporting or opposing a proposal, and there are no competing votes, the request is subject to be closed under the snowball clause. Additionally, in the case where a proposal gains 20 votes supporting or opposing it with no competing votes in its first day, the proposal may be closed immediately without the two-day grace period.
  • When a proposal is in the process of being drafted or voted, edits related to the RFC should not be made prematurely.

How to submit a proposal

To submit a new proposal, enter a page title for the proposal that you are planning to submit in the text box below and click the "Create or edit" button. From there, enter the title of your proposal in the Request title field and, in the Description field below, type out what your proposal is about and what it'll aim to do once passed. Make sure to be as clear and concise as possible with the details of your proposal so that the community will know what exactly they will be voting on. When you are ready to submit your proposal, click "Save page".

Create a new proposal

Open requests (Refresh List)

Closed requests

Passed proposals

Failed proposals

Passed proposals

Failed proposals

  • Redefine how gore would factor in an NSFW logo
  • Citations Needed: Citation Referendum
  • Ban RFCs requesting renaming sections and the wiki
  • Various changes to AVID:RFA
  • Video captions for the YouTube and Vimeo templates‎
  • Main pages should be the company's origin/main location of operation
  • Rename AVID due to confusion between Avid Corporation and your wiki
  • Define Policies for Admin Intervention in RfCs
  • Fix the bold text problem
  • Require new Requests for Comment to be verified by admin staff before putting it out
  • Should we remove the unused images of in-credit text?
  • Bring back the "AVID Remembers" section in homepage
  • Allow certain exemptions to the potato capture rule
  • New rules for Availability section and other changes
  • Replace the CLG Wiki logo with the AVID one on the Timeless skin
  • Optimise Wiki on Mobile
  • this is bad!
  • Prioritize file naming and cropping
  • Categories for logos by different design studios
  • Making The Wiki More Reliable With Use of Sources
  • Visual tracking categories + add guidelines for creating tracking categories
  • Outlaw section removal RFCs
  • Is it time to remove the FX/SFX Section?
  • Fix the logo's problem on the Vector and the Monobook skins
  • Define "POV" in removing Legacy sections
  • Summarization section
  • Merge 1991 and 2014 BBC Two idents
  • Print Logo Wiki
  • Remove Trivia section
  • Update the banner of the Cologne Blue theme
  • Incorporate official names into the heading
  • Change sitewide font
  • New/Update Block Meter
  • Prohibit mention of personal uploads in Availability section
  • Scary Logos Section
  • Merge 2001 and 2003 WBTV Logos
  • Proposed guidelines for controversial, sexual and graphic content
  • Add a "Draft at" template on nonexistent pages that are already created in draftspace
  • Clearer guidelines for merging pages
  • Removing Nicknames Section and Reconstructing Availability section
  • Merge MVC and TCSHE pages
  • remove admit one video presentations page
  • Newly registered users can only create pages in the draft space
  • Define appropriate use for Requests for Comment
  • A new Featured Image Template
  • Remove Translations feature
  • Decorate the main page for certain events
  • Add "Buena Vista Home Entertainment Clip-On Library"
  • Further enforce policies for captures that have been on AVID for many years however have no known source where they came from
  • Rewrite "About AVID"
  • Separate 1953 and 1956 TCF logos
  • Merge the 1st and 2nd Gracie Films logos (alongside other logos nearly identical in appearance)
  • Rules reform - Remove the "No Stealing Content" rule.
  • tidying up the section list
  • Defining a system for Featured Images
  • Country categories name change
  • A Memorial Template
  • Rules reform
  • Rebranding proposals
  • Rebranding the wiki
  • Deciding our new leadership structure
  • Moving forward (part 1): New leadership
  • Future of the BoD

  • Drafted requests (Refresh List)

    Submitted requests (Refresh List)

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