Ralph Edwards Films

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Ralph Edwards Films was the film production unit of Ralph Edwards Productions.

Logo (October 21, 1997-2005)

Visuals: On a black background, a purple slanted oval with a piece of yellow filmstrip in it zooms to the center. Inside the filmstrip is a film countdown clock (which counts down starting from 3) and when it's finished, the filmstrip flashes and a black and white picture of Ralph Edwards takes place of the clock. A white line wipes in from the right below the logo and the words "RALPH EDWARDS FILMS" in white, flashes in below the line.


  • There's also a still version with the copyright date at the bottom.
  • On a 2005 reprint of This is Your Life: Shirley Jones, "RALPH EDWARDS PRODUCTIONS" replaces the original text with a different animation. Also, the filmstrip shows the This is Your Life logo on a blue background for a few seconds, before changing to Ralph Edwards' picture. A copyright date fades in below.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The sound of a film projector when the oval/clock combination zooms in, which changes into a short fanfare when Ralph Edwards' picture is flashed in. For the still version, none.

Availability: The original version is only seen on Annabelle's Wish, and it is retained on the VHS and DVD releases of the film. The "PRODUCTION" variant was seen on a reprint of the This is Your Life episode of Shirley Jones.
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