Orphan, Inc.

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Orphan, Inc. was a movie company that released the 1990 horror film Mirror, Mirror. It also had a recording studio called Orphan Records that published a soundtrack from the film.

Logo (May 18, 1990-June 18, 1994)

Visuals: On a black background, a red sphere flies around in a spiral pattern while two silver lines in different lengths move from the top and bottom of the screen and turn 90 degrees, with the small line going to the right and the large line going to the left, revealing themselves as rings. The small ring lands inside the large ring and the red sphere curves around rings landing on the bottom of the small ring. The rings and the red sphere zoom in and the camera turns around to the side and to the reverse of the rings and the red sphere. The rings and the red sphere zoom out to the left of the screen. Some light streaks quickly light up the futuristic-like text "RPHAN", with a line sticking out of the N. The text lightens up and reveals that the rings are a O with the sphere inside and the final result is the silver text "ORPHAN".

Variant: On Raven Dance, after the O is formed, the logo plays slower.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A series of creepy clangs and creaks that lead into an ascending, gloomy synth theme, with what sound like twinkles at the same time.

Audio Variant: After the music on Raven Dance, when the text "RPHAN" is lighting up, there is a very gloomy and scary chord, which ends with a dreamy note.

Availability: Seen on Mirror, Mirror. The slow variant is seen on the sequel to the film, Raven Dance.
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