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Fox Entertainment Studios is a division of Fox Entertainment that was launched in 2022 as its first venture into content produced entirely in-house. In 2023, it entered the movie business.

Logo (September 11, 2022-)

Visuals: The screen pans over an aerial view of the Fox Studio Lot (with some of the network's graphic brandings seen on some buildings) in Century City, with an extreme closeup of the shaped Fox corporate logo seen inside, as the background slightly brightens. The screen then cuts back to see the Fox Entertainment logo with "STUDIOS" seen below and the aerial view inside, with the background in gray-white and surrounded by lines forming on the top and bottom respectively. The entire logo then turns into a dark blue gradient color as the camera slowly zooms out.

Trivia: If one looks closely on one of the buildings shown in the lot, a mural for The Simpsons can be seen at Stage 20.

Technique: Computer animation by Trollbäck+Company, mixed with live-action footage.

Audio: Same as the 2021 Fox Entertainment logo, but with the last two notes slowed down to fit the logo's duration.

Audio Variant: On Krapopolis and Grimsburg, the audio from the 2019 Fox Entertainment logo is used.

Availability: It debuted on Monarch, and was later seen on Animal Control, Krapopolis and Grimsburg. It also appears on the films Pastacolypse, Cinnamon and Murder City.

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