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Monkey Kingdom is a British independent production company that was established in 2000 by David Granger and Will Macdonald. On November 14, 2010, NBCUniversal International (now Universal International Studios) acquired the company in order to grow its UK and international portfolio.

1st Logo (2002-2011)

Visuals: There is a white background which is smoke (most likely from the spray in a off-screen, as if the monkey draws the logo) covering up the screen then it quickly wipes out completely turning the smoke away to reveal a brick wall background with a monkey's tail being seen on the bottom right of the screen below with a minimalist monkey head with the letter "m" inside appearing on the brick wall with the word "MONKEY" being seen underneath the monkey's head. Then the monkey's tail disappears leaving only the logo.


  • A shortened version exists, which starts with the monkey tail appearing.
  • On Channel 5's The Chart, the logo is on the right hand side of the screen, while the 2002 Five logo animates on the left hand side of the black background. When the monkey's tail disappears, the Channel 5's copyright notice in a stacked format fades in.
  • Sometimes, the logo is in-credit.
  • Sometimes, the logo is on a black background, or in the case of earlier episodes of Made in Chelsea, the background is red.
  • A still version also exists.
  • The logo would often sometimes also share the screen with other logos.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: Either a hissing sound then the sounds of a monkey with a swiping sound or the ending theme of the show.

Audio Variant: ABC airings of My Kind of Town used a generic theme.

Availability: Seen on their shows that they produced from 2002 right until 2011 such as The Passions of Girls Aloud, Man v Cartoon, A Comedy Roast, Swag, Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum, and early episodes of Made in Chelsea among others.

2nd Logo (9 May 2011-)

Visuals: On a white gradient background, a thick grey outline of the monkey head from before is seen waving back and forth while coming closer towards the screen. "MONKEY" fades in below when the logo stops. The monkey head afterwards blinks three times while tilting its head to the right and back to normal.


  • Sometimes, the on-screen logo is smaller on a black screen with "A Monkey Kingdom Ltd Production" underneath and a copyright notice at the bottom.
    • On shows co-produced with ITV, said company's 2013 logo appears underneath in place of the aforementioned text with it reading "for itv".
    • On the TFI Friday reboot, the logo is seen without the text.
    • On Made in Chelsea, the background may change colours.
      • On Seasons 3-17 as well as the NYC and LA spin-offs, the background is red.
      • Seasons 18, 21, and 22 has the background in pink.
      • Season 19 has the background filled in blue.
    • Made in Chelsea may also have a split-screen variant of this logo where the logo is aligned to the left side of the screen.
      • On Seasons 14 and 15, the logo has "for Channel 4 Television" underneath.
      • Starting with Season 17, the logo is smaller and is separated by a line underneath.
  • Sometimes, the logo is sped-up.
  • Sometimes, this logo also shares the screen with other logos.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Waving and whooshing sounds that ends with the sound from the first logo albeit without the swiping sound.

Audio Variant: Sometimes the ending theme of the show can be heard with the sounds.

Availability: It debuted on new seasons of Made in Chelsea and appears on new shows that they produced from 2011 onwards such as Don't Hate the Playz, Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host, The Real Housewives of Jersey, The Emily Atack Show, Comedy Game Night, Britain's Best Parent?, TFI Friday, and The Real Housewives of Cheshire, among many others.

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